Wallace Perimeter Security is a leader in vehicle gate design, with over 90 years’ experience in the gate and fencing industry. Every gate we manufacture is designed with speed, security and reliability in mind. 

Our gates have been chosen to secure more than 1,200 mid- to high-security facilities across North America, some of which are operating upwards of 3.5 million cycles and counting. 

A Wallace Perimeter Security system… 

  • Increases site security 
  • Maximizes available real estate 
  • Improves traffic flow and efficiency
  • Reduces operating costs

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Our Gate and Fencing Solutions

Folding SpeedGates 

Folding gates are designed to save space and time. The rapid 7-8 second open/close cycle helps to accurately control access at the busiest traffic environments. 

Folding Gates do not require as much room as other gates, therefore saving valuable space for other uses. The compact installation allows effective security installations in the most confined spaces.

Folding gates are available in a variety of models to suit many applications and budgets. The gates have nearly limitless design options to match any project exterior. Factory assembly and testing ensures a smooth and reliable installation.

Learn more about Wallace Folding Gates: https://www.wallaceperimetersecurity.com/gates/folding-gates


Cantilever Sliding Gates

Cantilever sliding gates provide a security solution for a variety of different applications. Cantilever sliding gates do not rely on any surface mounted rail or track, therefore ease of operation and maintenance is dramatically improved. No ground track also means that the gates can accommodate heavy traffic in continuous duty applications.

Modular construction allows for quick, economical delivery and cost-effective future serviceability. Straight-forward sizing allows for quick shipping.

The rack and pinion drive is quiet, and provides a secure entrance while maximizing the life of the gate. Sealed bearings in the rollers and nylon polyamide rack and pinion gears eliminate the maintenance requirements associated with conventional chain drive operators. 

Learn more about Wallace Cantilever Gates: https://www.wallaceperimetersecurity.com/gates/slide-gates


Rampart Welded Wire Fencing

When it comes to form and function, Rampart Welded Wire Fencing has you secured. Cutting through welded mesh is time-consuming and difficult, and scaling the fenceline is nearly impossible with the tightest mesh models.

This high-security solution is an aesthetically attractive and cost-efficient alternative to traditional ornamental fencing, adding beauty and elegance to every property it protects.

Wallace Perimeter Security offers five models of welded wire to suit a wide range of security applications. 

Learn more about Rampart Welded Wire Fencing: https://www.wallaceperimetersecurity.com/welded-wire

Q People keep cutting through our chain link fence to get into our property. How would a welded wire fence help?

Chain link fence is not all that secure. The wires are traditionally quite thin and woven together. A few quick snips with bolt-cutters and the mesh will unravel, allowing the trespasser into your property.
In contrast, welded wire fencing is made with much thicker wire and every cross-section is welded together so the panel does not lose structural integrity when cut. This means it will take a lot more time and effort to breach a property secured with welded wire fencing.
Some models also have mesh openings so tight that bolt cutters can’t fit through the gaps, meaning someone would need to come equipped with an electric saw to try to infiltrate your property.

Q I want to install a gate in my parking area but have very limited space. What solutions are available for me?

Wallace folding gates are the perfect solution for entry/exit points that are in confined spaces. Depending on the model, folding gates require only 2-3ft on either side of the drive-thru opening. And, because the sets of panels fold into each other, they also require less opening room in front and behind the gate opening (compared to the wide arc needed for a traditional swing gate). We know that when it comes to parking, every square foot is potential revenue. A folding gate is a great way to save that valuable real estate for more lucrative uses. In addition, the small footprint also allows for multi-lane entry/exit configurations—letting you have more controlled and secure ingress and egress to your property.

Q Do your gates work well in the winter with the cold and snow?

Our gates are manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba—known for frigid and snowy winters—so you can rest assured our gates have been tested and proven in cold climates.
As a Canadian company, we’ve designed our gates with cold weather operation in mind. Some of the ways we ensure optimal performance in the winter is by designing gates without ground tracks (that snow or ice would interfere with) and including cold weather kits for areas with below freezing temperatures.

Q What safety features do your gates have?

All Wallace gates are UL325 listed Classes 1 through 4. UL325 is a safety standard for automated gate systems that has been established to help protect pedestrians who may come into contact with a vehicle gate system. As a business, having a UL325-listed gate system is critical for protecting you from potential future liability in the event of an accident. When you buy a Wallace gate, you can be confident your system is designed and built to meet the most stringent safety standards.

Q What type of access control works with your gates?

Wallace gate systems are designed to work with virtually any access control system, both new and pre-existing. Access control systems can vary greatly based on your site’s needs. Whether you are looking for a simple set of wireless remotes or a fully integrated pay-to-park system, we recommend speaking with your gate installer or access controller integrator to figure out what system works best for you.

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